Dr. Richard D. Wilkes, DVM

Dr. Richard Wilkes joined the Pet Angel World Services® Board of Directors in September 2009, bringing more than 30 years of veterinary and business experience to the team. For nearly three decades, Dr. Wilkes has owned and practiced in multiple veterinary hospitals, and is currently the President of Purchasing Services, Inc., a company that provides buying services to independent veterinarians across the southeastern United States. Additionally, Dr. Wilkes is a partner in Production Installation Services, Inc., which installs printing presses for America's largest newspapers.

Throughout his career, Dr. Wilkes has been actively involved in all aspects of the animal-care industry. He has served as President of the Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Society, the Pinellas Animal Foundation, the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and the Emergency Animal Hospital, Inc. In addition, he has been a committee member for the Marine Mammal Foundation, the Wildlife Committee of the Florida Veterinary Medical Association, and Pinellas Animal Control Association, as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association, where he continues to serve as a member.

Dr. Wilkes received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 1979. He has been honored numerous times, receiving the American Veterinary Medical Association's Russell H. Anthony Award and Florida Veterinary Medical Association's Veterinarian of the Year Award in 2006, and the Florida Veterinary Medical Association's Distinguished Service Award in 2007. Dr. Wilkes is actively involved in the private business sector, serving on the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Committee and the Board of Mercantile Bank, in addition to founding and serving on the Board of Directors for Freedom Bank.

The Pet Angel World Services® Executive Team, forward-thinking business and community leaders with decades of professional experience, recognized that the growth in the pet services industry has paved the way for the creation of a business that satisfies the changing needs of the veterinarian, as well as the pet family.

Their insights have helped our best-in-class pet-only cremation service add another dimension to veterinarians' practices, strengthening client relationships and, ultimately, retention.