To Our Potential and Many Current Investors:

Welcome to the Pet Angel World Services® website. Let me give you a brief overview of why I started this company.

Simply put, the time is right to bring a national, well-branded pet cremation presence to the many families that have lost or will lose their much-loved "family member." After studying the market, it's clear that those who love their pets in life want to know they are properly cared for in death. When looking at the industry, I saw an opportunity for investors, pet owners, and existing suppliers—along with the tireless veterinary community—to more directly deal with this unmet need of caring for the pet family.

Clearly the broad scope of what we do, already felt and appreciated by so many, is just itching to move across the country. The value of Pet Angel World Services® is in the support and service we provide to both families and veterinary practices. Our process ensures consistency in providing the right services, at the right time, for all who are dealing with a terrible loss. We care for your pets with dignity and respect, provide families with care and compassion, and add value to the veterinary hospital.

Our goal is to replicate this best-in-class service across the country, so that families in need can be assured that their pets are absolutely treated as advertised, at a price that is competitive, and, above all else, with the compassion expected in perhaps the most serious of losses. This goal will be accomplished through the efforts of our phenomenal team. We've attracted the best because we are the best, and it's their desire to satisfy the customer and their love for the work that allows us to deliver on our promise of providing a best-in-class experience to all of our clients.

You will find the information on our website to be complete, accurate, and timely. Pet Angel World Services® is here to serve all our members, including pet parents, investors, veterinary hospitals, and, of course, the 17 million pets that pass away each year. Don't just take my word that we are the best—stop by any one of our Memorial Centers, speak with our team, and take a tour of our extraordinary facilities. We have a complete open-door policy and love to show people what we do and why we do it better.


Glenn R. Hanson
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Pet Angel World Services, LLC

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Pet Angel World Services® helps to strengthen the bond between pet families and their trusted veterinarian, ensuring continued loyalty, retention, and business for both our partnering veterinarians and our facilities alike. If you are interested in investment opportunities with Pet Angel World Services®, and are an Accredited Investor (see definition below), please download, sign, and submit our Non-Disclosure Agreement by faxing it along with your contact information to the attention of Michael Fuss at:
413-543-1173, or e-mail it here.

Once we receive a signed copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement, we will contact you directly to discuss investment opportunities, as well as provide you with our specially developed investment presentation and a copy of our Private Placement Memorandum.